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From ages 6-60, we strive to improve every athlete's potential to reach the goal they aspire to obtain with us; all playing the sport they love. We train with a mantra of the 3 P’s POSITIVITY, PERSISTENCE, PASSION.

Being POSITIVE in all we do through the bad and the worse. We are always finding the brighter side of things.

PERSISTENT in our training and goals. Knowing things that have value, take time and Persistence.

PASSION The fuel that feeds the fire on and off the court. Having passion in all we do to be great in this sport and help others be great around us.



Director and Coach Dave Palm started his journey on the beach at 17 years old, playing and winning an 18U junior nationals, his first open tournament, just a year later. Since then, Coach Palm has been training, playing and coaching for over 10 years winning over 75 tournaments. 


Having  5 National Volleyball League pro tour (NVL) Titles; A 2015 MVP award along side breakthrough athlete in 2014, Mr. Palm is currently playing for the P1440 tour. A tour owned and organized by Kerri Walsh 3 time Olympic gold medalist as its first year surfacing the beach volleyball world bringing all the best talent in the world together.

As time goes on, Coach Palm is looking forward to continuing to grow; reaching new heights and passing the knowledge down to the next generations to come that love Beach Volleyball as much as he does. 


"This Academy is a place where students and adults can start at their own pace and skill level then develop their talent and consistently work on it. I developed a curriculum that is similar from the moment you walk into the sand until the moment you qualify into you’re first main draw and so forth. Athletes will be able to continue their training upon request. I’m looking forward to seeing what’s in store for all. "

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 Palm Coast Academy trains the beginner, the intermediate and/or the professional level beach volleyball athletes by national and international standards. PCA provides the most recent style and trends of beach volleyball with knowledge and experience from local tournaments to training the college level and  by reaching professional tour status.   Here you will find our Placement Checklist and Pricing under each category of skill level. 



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Tel: 786-399-5367​

Pompano location: 270 N Pompano Beach Blvd

West Palm Location: 3401 Parker Ave

Miami Location: 7895 SW 152nd ST Palmetto Bay

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2016 Olympian Beach Volleyball Athlete

“I’ve known Dave for quite some time now and I’m excited that he wants to share his beach volleyball knowledge with others! He plays at a high level and will be so valuable to junior players as well as adults. He is a dedicated and disciplined player and I’m sure these qualities will carry over to his coaching. His love for the game is tremendous and we need more people like him involved in teaching and growing our wonderful sport!”

William Robbins

2x Professional Volleyball League National Champion 

"One of the best undersized technical blockers in the game today, Dave Palm is a force to be reckon with, wreaking havoc on hitters up and down the east and west coast.   His understanding of the game, and its strategies, have shown him to be one of the sharpest up and coming young coaches and minds of our era as well.  I look forward to watching him grow and prosper with his new club and coaching endeavors. He's truly a coach that EMPOWERS his players!"

I had the pleasure of playing half a National Volleyball League Season with David Palm. You will not find a more dedicated Coach that is inspiring to watch as well as to play for.
David is a 5x NVL Champion , 2015 NVL MVP and not only is his game stellar on the court he is a leader off the court. Over the last 10 years of coaching Coach Palm has contributed to many players playing in college on Athletic scholarships. David is a quality human being and I look forward to watching his club grow with enormous success..

Riley Salmon
2008 Olympic Gold Medalist

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